Bartlett Boder
Missouri Valley Trust Company, 1933

“Mr. E.L. Fitzpatrick, of St. Joseph, is a customer of this bank. We know him to be responsible and capable, and that he is the kind of man who fulfills any obligations he undertakes. We have had experience and business contact with Mr. Fitzpatrick over a period of years, and regard him as above the average in his line, as to ability, character and financial responsibility.”

Rick Scharff
Operations/Project Manager
Bilfinger Berger Civil Inc.

“There are no better in the installation of complex hydraulic systems, cylinders and pressure piping on lock gates, crest gates and flooding conduit valve installations throughout the country. They've proven many times to me, as an Operations/Project Manager, their competitiveness, flexibility and ability to meet the construction schedule and finish a project on time.”

Robert B. Gordon
Project Manager
J.F. Shea Co., Inc.

“We at the J.F. Shea Co. realize and recognize that projects could not be completed or schedules met without the support system provided by service companies such as yours. Again thank you very much for your efforts and we look forward to a continued successful relationship.”

Charles M. Kelly
Project Manager
Earth Tech Inc.

“IHP's persistence, attention to detail and dedication to quality greatly contributed to the Outstanding Performance Evaluation presented to Earth Tech by the Barksdale NFEC. This honor would not have occurred without IHP's efforts and support.”

Brad Cumpton
Project Superintendent
Hensel Phelps Construction Co.

“We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to the members of your organization for a job "extremely well done." The awards would not be possible without the involvement of subcontractors like yourself and we are proud to have you on the team.”

Gene Klein
Managing Partner
Thomas McGee, LLC-Insurance & Surety Credit

“I think one of the areas that separates IHP from many other mechanical, piping, plumbing contractors is their capacity to get involved in the very complex projects. Not many Industrial Mechanical Contractors have that capacity, and they have been able to do this over decades successfully.”

Frank Porbeck
Porbeck Engineering

“They follow-up on their work, they support their clients after the jobs are complete and I guess another thing I think is very important in dealing with a contractor is they're honest. IHP is a contractor that you can always trust, you can count on, they're honest, they do what they tell you they are going to do and they do it fairly.”

Dave Tollennaar
Team Leader Facilities
Heartland Health

“I think the importance of being able to trust any company, is that in the health care setting we are dealing with patients and we have to be able to trust those companies and IHP has done a spectacular job. We have complete trust in them.”

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