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  Pre-Construction Services
IHP provides design-build and design-assist services for those unique projects that benefit from this type of approach. We have successfuly delivered a variety of projects applying both methods.

Design-build Services

For design-build projects, IHP will team with design firms that specialize in the particular industry for which a proposed project is planned. By combining specialized construction experience with a design firm recognized for its dedication and focus on specific industry processes, IHP has the flexibility to offer our clients the best in both design and construction.
Design-assist Services
For design-assist projects, count on IHP's construction knowledge and experience to make substantial contributions throughout the value engineering and constructability input process. To focus on key tasks and details, IHP brings in the most experienced people who specialize in particular craft activities to work with the team on project specifics like specialty piping, plumbing, HVAC piping and complex equipment installations. This valuable insight and experience will expose gaps, offer solutions and provide historical perspective as to best practices and latest technologies used in construction today. First-tier Energy Savings Performance Contractors rely upon IHP for GMP pricing and installation services.
As a design-build/design-assist partner, IHP will help the team validate and finalize concerns/issues such as:
  • Code issues and specifications
  • Current industry standards applied
  • Equipment selections
  • Equipment layout and locations
  • Building access for mechanical equipment installations
  • System selections
  • Pipe and duct routing
  • Joining methods and materials selections
  • Owner-friendly maintenance, access and serviceability
  • Project scheduling and man-loading
  • Startup, Commissioning, and Turnover plans

IHP brings tremendous amounts of mechanical construction knowledge and experience to any project. As a valuable member of any design-build or design-assist team, IHP members will be problem solvers and solution finders. We know the team will be counting on us to provide advice in the planning and construction of their project.

Formal Partnering Agreement Projects

What is Construction Partnering?

Construction partnering outlines mutually attainable goals, satisfies long term needs and assigns risk among all the parties involved.

In 1993, The Associated General Contractors initiated the Marvin M. Black Excellence in Partnering Awards, named for AGC's 1991 President, Marvin M. Black, who vigorously advocated Partnering. The awards are now presented annually to the construction projects that epitomize the following principles of Partnering:

  • Teambuilding
  • Improved communications
  • Conflict resolution
  • Delivery of quality to the jobsite
  • Safety performance
  • Budget performance
  • Scheduling performance
  • Litigation avoidance
In 1993 and again in 2000, IHP was on the team of national general contractor Hensel Phelps when we won the AGC's "Marvin M. Black Partnering Awards" as follows:
  • 2000 Partnering Award-German Air Force, Phase II - Package A - Holloman AFB, NM
  • 1993 Partnering Award-F117A Maintenance Docks/Hangars, Holloman AFB, NM
IHP has participated in seven formal partnering projects to the complete satisfaction of all parties.
How does it work?
Partnering begins before construction starts as the first session is a workshop to set common goals, agree to standards, communications strategies, dispute resolution practices and problem-solving mechanisms. During the session, team members sign a partnering agreement or charter that reflects how they will work together. Throughout the life of the contract, there are partnering meetings at regular intervals to ensure that the agreement continues to guide behavior. Other forms of communication and forums for problem solving, designed at the initial session, are implemented throughout the contract.
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