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  Industrial, Process & Power Piping

IHP Industrial Inc. installs all types of process piping systems for solids, liquids, and gases. From food and beverage to pulp and paper; from manufacturing to power generation; from hydraulic operating systems for river locks and dams to military aviation feuling; our team delivers on time and within budget. IHP has set the standard for process piping by providing clients with the highest quality, performance, and safety standards resulting in timely execution of their projects. Our clients are able to depend on us for quality performance and innovative means to perform faster, better, and safer.

Project Teams
Our project teams include experienced leaders within the industry who will supervise each project to completion. Our craftspeople are trained to execute routine and emergency maintenance of piping systems and equipment. We are prepared to perform new construction, major shutdowns, and emergency or routine maintenance. Our steady workforce, consisting of trained, skilled, union craftsmen, assures continuity, control, and accountability. So, whether you need full-time support, routine or periodic maintenance, or even help with a specific problem on an emergency basis, IHP is your complete source for professional and cost-effective plant maintenance services.
Quality Workmanship
Our history of quailty workmanship is anchored by our strong field supervision. We have teams of field supervisors that are second to none, all are from local pipefitter unions, and most have been in our employ 10 years or more with many having tenures of 20-30 years. Our skilled pipe fitters are among the nation's best. One of our distinctive attributes is that our installations require minimal time-consuming and costly rework.
Our Policy
It is our policy to supply workers with ample reliable tools and construction equipment to perform their work with minimum interruptions. As a matter of fact, our craftsmen tell us they prefer working for IHP because the company never shorts them the tools and equipment they need to do their job. Thus, they can concentrate on their skills, proudly and efficiently being the best they can be. Project Managers in our firm are professionals, and are knowledgeable in estimating, cost control, scheduling, management, and coordination of all project activities.
Planning & Scheduling

We will aid in the planning and scheduling of your next project, as well as delivering superior project execution. We offer 24-hour response on maintenance outages.

IHP brings experience to the ethanol and biofuel construction industry. We have experience in both markets and have the knowledge to assist you with your next alternative fuel project.

Our state-of-the-art pipe fabrication shops allow us to deliver quality materials direct to the job site quickly and with reduced onsite labor.

Food Grade Piping
IHP can help your plant with all food grade piping systems. With our experienced manual TIG welders, our automatic orbital welding systems, our detail drafting services, and our stringent quality control methods, companies such as Best Foods, Dewafflebakers, Nestle' and Alexa Springs Water have experienced superior project deliveries, on time, in budget, and with fewer conflicts and changes utilizing the services of IHP.
Boiler & Pressure Vessel Repair
Do you have ASME code pressure vessels or boilers needing repairs, alterations or upgrades? IHP can deliver. For example, in 2006 at a major polyester resins plant in Arkansas, IHP evaluated, designed and permitted the alteration and re-rating of three large reactor vessels, allowing the plant to operate at higher pressures and temperatures than they were previously permitted to , thus increasing the throughput and profitability of the plant. IHP handled all aspects of the job, including obtaining the necessary government regulatory approvals.
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